PhD Student

Arbeitgeber Iowa State University
Standort Ames, United States
Veröffentlicht 22. July 2014
Gültig bis 31. July 2014


Recent estimates state that the supply of food should increase by 70% in the next 35 years to accommodate the changes in demographics and eating habits. We are at a remarkable juncture where (i) the price of oil and nitrogen-based fertilizers is expected to increase, (ii) the long term availability of phosphorus for fertilizers is in doubt, (iii) the erosion of soil is reducing yields, and (iv) climate change brings extreme weather that impacts crop survival and productivity.
This extraordinary challenge to feed the planet will require new insights in two areas of knowledge: the interactions of roots with soil, and the “communication” between plants and other organisms.

Our laboratory is developing environments by designs to characterize, study, and understand the response of plants to their environment.

We are interested in candidates from a variety of backgrounds: chemistry, physics, materials science and chemical engineering. While we value the background, the pedigree, and the publication record of a candidate, we are especially interested in people who excel in the following characteristics: the determination to make a difference, passion for science, willingness to learn and explore new things, a rock solid work ethic, and a positive spirit.
If you are interested in this opportunity (visit for more information), please send your complete CV (and have three letters of reference sent separately) to Ludovico Cademartiri at lcademar(at) (please replace (at) with @ before sending).

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